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Tiny Origami and Resin Jewelry by Chizoukou

I've tried origami before - usually larger than jewelry size creations.  But when I attempted a simple folded fan jewelry set years ago, I found out making origami jewelry is not that easy. Working in such a small scale requires precision folding and patience!

One artisan who does that well is Takako Ondera-Reiss of Chizouko. A Japanese expatriate, she now lives in France.  Hence her shop categories are in French!

Her work uses a wide range of beautiful Japanese paper in delicate designs.  My favorites are her little fish and heart earrings! All her foldings are treated with uv resin for durability. So a little rain will not affect her jewelry. 

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  1. I always thought it would be fun to make origami jewelry but never thought it would stand up for long. UV resin must be the answer. I have made some fairly small things although maybe not this small? But I don't think it would be a stretch for me to scale down. (Also the thing I love about Japanese craft instructions like origami folding is that the diagrams are so detailed you don't need to be able to read the language to follow them.)

  2. Simply beautiful. How does anyone decide which one to purchase?

  3. I'm with Sneaky Burrito, I wanted to make tiny origami and other paper jewelry, but never thought of a way to protect it, Resin is the answer!
    these are tiny! and so precise. what a great portable project.

  4. You aren't kidding! Working with paper to create very small projects takes a lot of patience. Like others, I never thought about finishing with resin. What a great tip!


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