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Photo Transfer to Wood Using a Laser Printer

I've been looking at several image transfer to wood tutorials and most just don't give a strong color result.  That was until I saw The CrafsMan's tutorial which uses a laser jet printer, the backing of printable labels and Liquitex gel medium. You can support him via his Amazon links in the video info section. 

His commentary is delightful. Loved his suggestions on what to do with the unused label and how to "negotiate" during the process of removing the bubbles. 

Someone in the comments section did try this with an inkjet printer and found that kind of ink just beads up and does not dry on the label backing. That is disappointing as I only have an inkjet printer.  So I reckon if I were to try this on my wood pieces, I would have to somewhere like Staples to print out my file onto a laser jet printer. 

One spot on comment for this video says it all for The CrafsMan's Youtube channel : "I came for the craftin[g], I subscribed for the voiceover."  He also has an Etsy store

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  1. You know we watch Crafsman faithfully in this house. I think every episode he's ever put out has been watched. His craftin is brilliant and his wit is incredible too. Sometimes you just watch to hear what he has to say.

    Hubby has bought a number of things from his store and proudly displays them. He's used his files to 3d print things as well.

    Listening to his soft soothing accent at the end of the day is perfect. It's like the sun going down with a brilliant sunset to enjoy.


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