I am always delighted when I come across a beadwork jewelry tutorial designer who simply wows with her unique creativity. One such designer is Ezartesa of EzartezaJewelry who is based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

I rarely see a designer who comes up with unique pieces.  One of my favorites from Ezartesa's collection are her beaded wrap bracelets.  Her butterfly ones shown above are spectacular.  But you have the option of keeping the ends simple as shown by her reddish bracelets below. 

Naturally, she has a snake wrap bracelet tutorial, too!

She has a wonderful earrings collection including half hoop designs and an unusual earlobe hugger one. I like how she chooses to suspend many of her earrings designs on chains.  Nature is clearly one of her inspirationa.

Ezartesa says:
Art is part of my life since my childhood. At age of 7 I started to study piano and ever since music is integral part of my painting and jewelry. My source of inspiration comes from events which I experience, or perhaps a place I have been to.
It is all a reflection of my personal response towards that which uniquely touches my heart and soul. It is the most exciting feeling when I can share my emotions and feelings with others through my art, not with words, but by using colors and forms which represent how I feel.

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