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Watch How a Miniature Replica Camera is Made!

Miniature models can make for unique jewelry charms.  I have often been charmed (pun intended) by the many crafters who succeed in making small scale models of whatever inspires them (see links below).  But Korea based Hoo's Mini World's work takes the prize for incredible detail and workmanship. 

The most amazing demonstration has to be the one where a miniature Leica camera is constructed from bits and pieces of saved materials. 

Power tools and sharp craft knives are used with impressive fine motor skills!

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  1. Well, I'm completely cross-eyed now! Amazing attention to detail. True Craftsmanship!

  2. AND, did you watch "Making a woman in a white dress"? He even made her hair! I confess, I spent more time than i should have watching videos from this amazing artist! ;)

  3. Absolutely amazing! I only wish I had find motor skills like that.


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