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Easy Wire Wrapped Bead and Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

Wire wrapping beads in groups along a wire bangle or a suede wrap bracelet as I did (11 years ago!) is an easy way to get a boho style design.  I might add suede isn't as elegant as a flat leather bracelet.

So check out Kellie's (Kellie's Bead Boutique) great tutorial for an easy wire wrapped bead and leather triple wrap bracelet.  This Canadian instructor shows how to neatly finish the wraps. Going around the added beads is a nice touch.

An alternative to ribbon clamps is to use glue on flat leather cord ends like these shown here

I recommend the cyanoacrylate instant glues like Super New Glue or the Starbond glue (Medium)for a strong fix. These liquid glues are easy to add inside the flat leather cord ends. E6000 gets messy.  Use Code BGSB15 at checkout to save 15% amount on your Starbond glue purchase. Or get it from Amazon.

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  1. very nice! I've been on a leather "kick" lately. I'm learning some really cool ways to use leather.:)

  2. (Kellie's Bead Boutique link doesn't seem to be working?)

  3. I like that. Might try it sometime. My problem is that I am really bad at calculating the lengths of these so I'll often end up with something that wraps like 3.5 times and then doesn't clasp, or else is way too loose. (My wrists are 5.5" and most instructions are written for 7".) However, I see that she addresses length in the early part of the video!

    1. Kellie thinks of everything! She is a wonderful instructor.


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