I've come across electroplated botanical jewelry before but none as varied as those by RealLeafJewellery.  The beautiful earrings and pendant necklaces are the work of Leigh Robinson and his partner Kerrie who live in Cambridge, UK. 

The oak leaves are especially lovely as they have been skeletonized. My favorite is the oak leaf AND acorn combination shown above.  A close second is the beautifully rendered Japanese maple leaf pendant shown below.

This family team also creates jewelry from all kinds of leaves including maple, cottonwood, aspen, gingko and even kale leaves!

Japanese Maple Leaf

Leigh said : 

I have always had a desire to create beautiful things that I can share with others. I just didn’t have any outlet. I wanted to show natures beauty to people in the way that I was seeing it. Its really cool to see something in nature and think ‘That would make great jewellery.’ Imagination really is the limit to what we can create.

Each year their small business sponsors environmental charities. For 2021, they are supporting Plantlife, a British conservation charity which works both nationally and internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungi.

Real Oak Leaf Earrings

Real Acorn Jewelry

Real Kale Leaf 

Real Pinecone

Real Aspen Leaf Earrings

Real Cottonwood Leaf Earrings

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