Paper isn't a material one associates with jewelry.  But in the long history of jewelry making, people have always made adornment with easily available materials. Paper is organic and we have lots of it today. 

Here are some awesome jewelry designers who have seen the potential of paper jewelry beyond the typical rolled beads we probably all remember making at one time or another. The recycled paper they use makes their designs sustainable fashion.

First up is Indian designer,  Devi Chand, of Papermelon, whose unique and colorful designs were featured on this blog some time ago. Her recycled paper jewelry is immaculately made and sealed to make them water resistant.  The colorful bib necklace above is from her neon collection. 

I also love her adorable beach cottage earrings shown below. A great vacation gift, indeed. 

Israeli designer, Hevda Klein of MyPaperTale has a lovely collection of recycled book paper jewelry . Each piece is made from hundreds of paper disc beads.  

Hevda definitely puts her collection of unwanted books into good use with this long knotted paper necklace

London based Tsuyoshi Tanaka of 3rdDforE  uses paper composite for his stylish unisex bangles.  Paper composite is a very durable stone-like material made from paper or wood fibres mixed with pigments and non- petroleum based resin. The mixture is compressed and baked at high temperatures.  It is typically used in the home as countertops. Very environmentally friendly. 

UK designer, Gillian Haqqani of Gillisflowers, works as a part- time literacy teacher. She collects old books.  Not surprisingly, she creates jewelry you would love to wear from the books you love! Shown below is her lovely recycled paper pendant necklace made from paper obtained from an old copy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. 

This Great Gatsby art deco style headband is from Gillian's American Greats collection.  (I love her mannequin head which reminds one of the Jazz age.)

Canadian designer, Rosie Schinners of ArcoandIrisDesign is a whiz at paper clay jewelry making using recycled newspaper print mixed in the clay. (Paper clay is not the same as papier-mâché).

I just love how she decoupages her pieces with different handmade decorative paper from around the world.  This pair of earrings is so vibrantly colored : 

I also like her gold gingko print on this pair of paper clay earrings covered with purple lokta paper from Nepal. 

Italian designer, Sofia Sarria of AtelierVolante makes adorable recycled paper animal jewelry and wall art. This one is her paper cat brooch or magnet. Her designs are hand painted and sealed with a varnish.

No animals were killed for her wonderful taxidermy inspired paper animal head wall art!

Polish designer, Alicja of ABPMoonDesigns offers  stylish and modern recycled paper wall clocks like this one :  

All of the designs featured here make for unique gifts.  Remember paper is the first wedding anniversary gift!

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