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Laser Cut Wood Organizers for Crafters by WonderlandUkraine

Good designers and suppliers never keep still. So I was delighted when reader Cally Ross tipped me off about Anton or Wonderland Ukraine's latest laser cut wood organizers for crafters.  It's been a while since I visited. 

It's one of her favorite shops. 

She said in an email to me :
I have one of their bead organizers, and love it, but I see a wish-list forming for more.
Cally was particularly taken with the sets of small bead cases shown in the next two pictures below. It's not hard to understand why. They are beautifully laser cut with intricate etched designs. The designs are stacked with an extra clear acrylic layer as the cover.  The latter stays in place with little magnets which also act as needle holders.

There are also scissors and needle cases as well as thread or embroidery floss organizers.

They all make great gifts for a crafter you know.  Perhaps yourself?

Before You Go:


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  1. you chose a nice variety, some I hadn't seen. I am impressed by the beauty of their work! not just "functional" which is important too, but lovely to look at! an old pill bottle would hold needles, but why?! when these are available, affordable and bring beauty!

    1. Anton offers new products all the time so I am not surprised you haven't seen some of them. And I have to agree - a pill bottle just doesn't cut it when one is beading a masterpiece!

  2. Uh oh! Looks like I'm going to have to pay a visit to this shop again! I do love my bead organizer. Having one for my scissors and needles is going to be a must I think!

    Thanks for this share Pearl!

  3. I am a great admirer of their work. I would love to have space to do some woodworking. My grandson is a luthier and makes guitars from blocks of wood. Isn't it amazing how someone can take a block of wood and transform it into a work of art.

    1. A luthier? My, I am impressed. Not just a work of art but a functional one which transmits another work of art for the ears!

  4. These are mind blowing in their beauty and originality. I will definitely have to start my Christmas shopping at his store. My crafty friends will enjoy these!


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