Adorable. Whimsical. Those are the words I would use to describe the work of polymer clay artist and designer Zula of ARTsyShinyCloud

Often colorful, her delightful designs are full of detail all created in small scale since she makes only earrings. A marvel of fine motor control!

Many of her pieces are nature inspired but I also loved her takes on popular mythical creatures such as unicorns and mermaid tails!

Zula said :

I have always loved fashion designs and drawing pictures from my childhood and I am just focusing on it again because [I] started a new life in Adelaide, Australia. I opened my shop with soutache jewelry, but now my shop offers polymer clay jewelry. If you make a purchase in my shop it would be a great inspiration for me!

H/T to Aims (Big Blue Barn Designs) for this find.

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