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Watch This Metalsmith Create A Beautiful Flower Ring from Two Coins

There are many coin ring tutorials out there. Most demonstrate how to convert a coin into a band ring while still keeping the coin's stamped surface features intact.

But this Russian metalsmith, creates his lovely flower ring complete with leaves, from two coins. He uses what looks like silver coins for their metal content.

He melts down one to make a simple bar which is then filed into a neat shape and rolling milled flat before being soldered into a band. The second one is simply flattened in the mill. He then cuts out the botanical shapes which is then soldered together as well as to the band.

He created this on his makeshift balcony workshop. At the time he posted his demonstration, his city of Samara was under lockdown due to Covid-19!

Craftsmen and craftswomen manage well under self-isolation at home because they can keep busy with hobbies and so on. In the case of this artisan of Bonn Factory,  the delicate flower ring is quite a departure from his usual brutalist style.

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  1. I quite like his style of creating and showing us. Broken saw blade? Happens to us all yet others usually edit that out.

    His use of regular needle nose pliers with teeth was quite unusual as well and a nail for texturing and a knife? Love it! Whatever works!

    Who knew 2 coins would make such a beautiful ring.

    1. The pliers with teeth probably gives him better grip and the tool marks can be easily polished away. As you say, whatever works!

  2. Another home run, Pearl. Thanks.


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