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3 Quick and Easy Statement Fabric Necklace Tutorials

Got a fabric stash to whittle down?  I'll you do have one if you are a quilter or have been making lots of masks.  Why not make some fabric necklaces?  These will look beautiful with the right fabric.

These three necklace tutorials are by British crafter, Red Blossom Designs. She demonstrates how to make all kinds of fabric accessories.  I love her Liberty fabric collection. 

First up is her classic hidden bead necklace tutorial. I like how well she finishes the necklace. This style is great for people who are metal allergic because there is no metal clasp. 

She uses metal coils as spacers rather than knotting the fabric as some people do. The beads also have to have large holes. Your best bet is to go for round wood beads like these as they often have large holes. 

There are also matching  bracelet and earrings tutorials. 

This last tutorial is for a chunky braided necklace.  She fills the fabric tube she makes with several lengths of yarn. Also noteworthy is how she makes her ball and loop closure.  Neatly done!

H/T to Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs for this find.

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  1. What I really like about fabric beads is the completely different look they have as compared to what you can purchase.
    This equals polymer clay beads in my mind for their uniqueness.
    Once again this points to me not liking to look like anyone else. I don't wear mass produced jewelry - or clothing for that matter because I don't want to meet someone else wearing the same things.
    I have to be unique.

  2. OMG! These are just great! Thank you for turning me on to her tutorials. I have so many fabric scraps and so many unwanted beads. What a great solution. My grand daughters are all getting these types of items as gifts now! I am blown away with how easy the process is.

  3. The coil spacers are brilliant! I would like to try this with polymer clay beads because the beads can be created with large holes and the clay colors can be coordinated with the fabric.

    1. I didn't think of polymer clay beads but they are an excellent solution if the fabric necklaces need to be laundered.


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