This tube resin jewelry tutorial is so clever!  The mold is just a humble plastic straw.  The designer is US based crafter Jackie who is the creator behind the Nature Craft and DIY Youtube channel. As plastic straws aren't recyclable, why not upcycle and wash out a used one instead?

She uses a section of a straw, sealing in the open ends with some hot glue. You can use waxed paper or a silicone mat instead of a gel mat if you haven't got one. 

She cuts a window in the mold lengthwise so that she could fill it with resin and other inclusions. I like how she mixes dried flower petals with some gold flakes for her first example. 

It's fall now and there are tons of chrysanthemums about. Why not dry a few in some silica cat litter and dismantle the petals for your own creations?  See my tutorial on using this type of cat litter for drying flowers.

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