Diana Balogh, the Hungarian beadwork designer behind DiasJewelryShop, considers beading the 5th dimension!  The first three defines the space around you and the fourth is time. 

Passionate about beading, Diana says :
I’m a beadworker, and for me exists another dimension: THE BEADING. This is for me the FIFTH DIMENSION. Although the four dimensions exists together, if I’m in my fifth dimension, space and the time ceases to exist for me. So I’m in a spaceless and timeless “state”, and this is CREATIVE BEADING.
Diana has over 90+ tutorials in her shop. It was very difficult for me to pick my favorites. One of her strengths is in RAW (right angle weave)  including cRAW, so I have picked a number for her collection. She also has many beaded beads designs.

However, two particular designs caught my eye. The first is her lantern beaded bead tutorial (shown above and below) which can be used as the tiny shades for a string of LED lights!  Neat!

The second is what she calls Claspception which is a clever modular style bracelet or necklace design. I've seen this done with other components for necklaces but not in beadwork, as far as I know.

Well worth a browse!

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