Linda of Peoria, Illinois, who also happens to read this blog, is an amazing mosaic polymer clay jewelry designer.  Her work on CreeksideMosaic shows of both her meticulous clay skills as well as her love of nature. This is the second time I have featured her work. In the four years since then, she has new designs up her sleeve!

She has spent years developing her unique style. She builds up her original designs tile by tile onto a sculpted base.  I love how she varies the tiles using different hues and texture. 

Many of her designs are inspired by animals. Her sloth pendant is noteworthy - it's not easy to capture the face of a sloth and yet make it memorable. Her cardinals are also standout designs. 

What is totally new is her molds section! Linda has now made it easier for other polymer clay artists to make their own mosaic style pendants based on her originals.  Careful hand painting is required. 

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