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Nature Inspired Mosaic Polymer Clay Jewelry Designs and Molds by CreeksideMosaic

Linda of Peoria, Illinois, who also happens to read this blog, is an amazing mosaic polymer clay jewelry designer.  Her work on CreeksideMosaic shows of both her meticulous clay skills as well as her love of nature. This is the second time I have featured her work. In the four years since then, she has new designs up her sleeve!

She has spent years developing her unique style. She builds up her original designs tile by tile onto a sculpted base.  I love how she varies the tiles using different hues and texture. 

Many of her designs are inspired by animals. Her sloth pendant is noteworthy - it's not easy to capture the face of a sloth and yet make it memorable. Her cardinals are also standout designs. 

What is totally new is her molds section! Linda has now made it easier for other polymer clay artists to make their own mosaic style pendants based on her originals.  Careful hand painting is required. 

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  1. These are really beautiful pieces. Such great details and texture.

  2. how cute! I agree, the sloth and cardinals are exceptional. thanks for sharing.

  3. I absolutely love her French Bulldog pendants. Have marked as favorites might contact her and find out about a personalize Frenchie pendant in memory of my Merlin. My frenchie of 13 years who suddenly passed in 2021 from a brain tumor! I have a 6 month old Frenchie pup, named Bella! These dogs are such lovable clowns. I caution everyone that if you ever go looking for a frenchie as a companion. You will know without doubt once you find your new companion French Bulldog. Because that dog will instantly superglue itself to your Heart and there is no walking away without your new found companion! Sorry for going off topic, but when I saw those French Bulldog pendants the memories came rushing back in and I think it is because those pendants are so full of emotional expression! I bet she sells a lot of those and the other pet pendants. Her Cats are really fabulous too! Well, as I said Pearl even though you have featured this artist and her work in the past, I love how you continue to update your readers with new information about the artists you have introduced us to in the past! And I think I may have missed the first time you wrote about this particular artist that is another reason why I love the fact that you continue to update your readers about those past featured artist and their current work!! AMD ��♒��

    1. French bulldogs are so adorable! That is something coming from a cat lover. Inspirational designers never stay still - they continue to develop their craft and we all love to see their new creations.

  4. Simply stunning!

    My brother is now doing mosaics from broken ceramic. First he throws and fires a pot then breaks it up. Mosaics are so versatile. Can be done out of any medium.

    Linda's work goes from gorgeous to even more gorgeous!

    1. That sounds like a lot of work!! But mosaics are indeed gorgeous.

  5. WOW! How stunning. I love her colors and textures. Amazing artist. Thanks for sharing Pearl.

  6. The colors and textures are the true magic in these beautiful designs.


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