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Ribbon Brooch Jewelry and Accessories by NataliBrooches

Ukrainian designer, Natalia of NataliBrooches creates spectacular and unique brooches. What she does is to combine brooches with ribbons such that they become statement pieces. 

The brooches nest on beautifully arranged and folded ribbon. The effect is reminiscent of decorated order awards many countries give out. Natalia herself calls some, like this gorgeous white one below, "orden" brooches. 

Many of her brooch creations are in the style of bow ties which are meant to be worn with a buttoned up shirt.  My favorites are the pearl adorned ones. I also liked her smaller shoe clip creations.

Natali designs more than these ribbon brooches. So be sure to check out her fabulous store!

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  1. What a unique artist! I would never have thought of something like this ever.
    I particularly like her use of cameos with the ribbon. I can imagine wearing a brooch like this with a fussy blouse and a long skirt. Reminiscent of Victorian times!

    I can also imagine wearing her ostrich feather necklaces. I can even imagine how they would feel around your bare neck. Beautiful!

  2. You just brought up a great point! Her brooches will be perfect for cosplayers dressing up in old fashioned attire. But some of her designs are great for modern styles too - as you can see from the buttoned up shirts and the one with the t-shirt.


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