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Easy Elegant Twisted Wire and Pearl Bracelet Tutorial

I've shared several of Suzy Wong Studio's tutorials before (see links below).  This Estonian wire worker's Youtube channel teaches us how to make simple yet elegant wire jewelry designs. 

This twisted wire and pearl bracelet design tutorial is one of them. It uses 26 G wire and 3 mm pearls.

The pearls add that elegant touch. Using several strands of thinner wire together helps strengthen the overall design. 

This design is versatile. You could also consider twisting the wire lengths together for a tighter bundle. Or perhaps wrapping the wire bundle together or even do some wire weaving.  Experiment and see if it works and if you like it!

Always experiment with copper wire, which is inexpensive, before considering going over to precious metal.  I have actually had a few new students show up at beginner wire classes (pre-pandemic) expecting to work with sterling silver right away!

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  1. That's a pretty and really unique looking bracelet!

  2. Thank you for sharing it Pearl, this is an interesting as well as easy idea to work on. I am thinking of sharing it with my students. But I am wondering how to calculate the amount of wire required for different lengths as it is dependent on the way we twist the wire. Any suggestions?

    1. I would allow extra wire lengths just as we do for other wire bracelets simply because some people will indeed need more wire than others to fit their wrists.

  3. What a lovely bracelet for such a simple technique! Thanks for sharing.


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