Fatih Ozguven's Forced Work is a wonderful Youtube channel which chronicles the incredible workmanship of Turkish metalsmiths.  They make jewelry making look so easy. Deceptively so.  Here are two of his videos which show how the artisans engrave gold or brass bangles. 

The first one shows a fully automated engraving process, designed and controlled using a computer. There are still many steps before and after the engraving, with the artisans using different tools. They dry the piece a number of times using compressed air. The captions are in Turkish and English.

The engraving step is mesmerizing to watch.  

The next video is even more remarkable. The engraving process is still by machine but manually controlled. The precision cutting is jaw dropping.  Just slight adjustments of the bangle mounting to line up the diamond cutting wheel by eye is done without hesitation and at speed!  That would be nerve-wracking for most of us!

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