I often use a drill to twist wire together.  But after watching this Turkish artisan make a popular style of Anatolian bracelet, I realize that there is so much more than the basic twisting.  The channel is called rather intriguingly, Forced Work. Surely it cannot be forced work when one makes beautiful jewelry!

The strong metal hook he attaches to the drill for the first twisting of a doubled up wire is a great tip.  I am sure I have a common screw style metal hook somewhere at home which I can use in the future! 

He divides up the twisted length and twists the two lengths again. He goes on to use the drill again to "square up" the twisted wire. Along the way, there are annealing steps before soldering together the bracelet. I also liked his manual tool for resizing bracelets as well as the pounder to level the bracelet! Final finishing includes polishing etc.  

The artisans like this one who demonstrate the many steps in making jewelry will surely help educate people why handmade jewelry costs as much as they do. Perhaps people will stop quibbling about the price when they realize the skill and tools needed. 

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