ZeyDorAccessories offers amazing boho statement style jewelry.  The designs are stunning, bold and definitely hip.  The designs range from nature inspired to geometric, modern pieces.

The Turkish designer and curator is Kadriye Öztürk. She has been creating jewelry and accessories since 2005. In 2015, she joined forces with her nephew,Berk Ramadaoğlu, who has extensive sales and marketing experience, to launch ZeyDorAccessories.  

Kadriye explained :

The name ZeyDor is a reference to my twins, ZEYNEP and DORUK. All our products are handmade in-house in our atelier in Istanbul, out of Zamak and brass, consisting of a minimum of 5 micron 22 karat gold and/or 925 silver plating.

The prices are very competitive because the designer used gold plated brass instead of solid gold. The antique silver look is achieved using silver plated zamak components.  

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, a wonderful alternative to gold. Due to the presence of copper, brass has antimicrobial properties - something that has been known for centuries. 

Zamak is an alloy of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper. The name is a German based acronym - zink (zinc), aluminium, magnesium and Kupfer (copper).  It was first developed in the 1920's by a New Jersey zinc company. Zamak components are always finished with a coating otherwise the bare metal alloy will corrode. 

Please note all US shipping is free above US$35.  All orders anywhere above US$50 get expedited shipping using this code TBG50. 

And there's more! Kadriye says :  

As a rule will add a gift to all orders based on what jewellery the customer has ordered? It’s part of our company policy to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, and frankly it just makes us so happy to give people joy!
I actually received some of the jewelry for review.  I was interested to check out the zamak accessories as I am not familiar with this alloy. Scroll down to the end see what I discovered. 


I received  several rings, bracelets and a couple of necklaces. I wore some of the pieces all day.  I was impressed with the solidity of all the jewelry - there is definitely some weight especially for the larger pieces like this necklace : 

Some of my favorites were the circle bangles in both gold and silver tones.  Easy to put on and wear. Fabulous modern look! The textured and patina finish on the silver tone one was excellent. I also used a sharp awl to scratch the insides of some of the pieces and failed to mar the pieces. The plating work is well done. 

I am of average dimensions so there was no issue in getting rings and bangles to fit without too large gaps.

The physical size of some designs like these rings below, were not to my personal taste but others may love the big bold look.  The large floral ring was heavy to wear!

I found these rings easy to wear all day. Who knew I would grow to like a snake design?  The leafy one was adjustable from the top.  I found such locations of the adjustable gap to be the most comfortable of all. 

This shield shaped ring was another surprise favorite. I don't normally go for large rings! But again, very comfortable to wear. 

The side view shows the length does not interfere with bending my finger.

I did not find any of the lovely cluster rings that comfy probably due to the many edges felt.  This is my opinion - others may not agree.

Overall the stylish jewelry is great value.  One important note - the metal used is very sturdy so you will have to resize particularly the rings with a ring mandrel.  Strike the ring with a rubber hammer along the mandrel - not on the ring itself as you could damage the pattern etc. 

Tube style rings like the one above will have to be expanded in both directions as shown here on my TikTok :


How to make a wide ring bigger. ##beadinggem ##jewelrymaking ##jewelrytip ##jewelrytiktok ##diy ##ring ##demo

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