Jordan of Modern Goldsmith is true to his name and craft.  His Youtube channel has lots of interesting videos. This demonstration is where he converts a beautiful heirloom gold cross pendant into an engagement ring. The grandmother gave the original piece to her grandson. 

He, like many metalsmiths today, uses 3D printing for the wax model. This is then used in the lost wax casting method. Two diamonds and the gold from the original cross were repurposed into the new ring design. A 1 carat lab grown diamond was used for the center stone. 

Some of you may be aghast at the loss of the original cross pendant. But here is what Jordan said :
A lot of people are upset that the cross was destroyed (understandably so!) please know that the grandma wanted it melted down. She also saw this video and loved it. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with their choice, but I just wanted to share the backstory! Ultimately I let my clients decide what is best for their jewelry. Thank you so much for watching.
I agree with this artisan. It is up to the client. Remember too, the conversion ensures the resulting ring will be used as opposed to a cross which may not get that much use. A gift of love twice over.

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