Signet rings have long been a symbol of power because they attested the authority of its bearer. The design or emblem on the ring often denoted a family or personal crest. The engraving was such that a raised impression was left when the ring was pressed into sealing wax. 

These rings were first used by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and by later monarchs. But ordinary people began to wear them from the 13th century onwards. By the 18th and 19th centuries, they became very popular and all classes of men wore them.

Modern metalsmiths still make signet rings and they are no longer meant just for men.  New York based metalsmiths, Erin Claus (founder) and Shoji Miyazawa (partner) of ClausJewelry, designs and makes beautiful minimalist style signet rings. 

Nature is clearly an inspiration as you can see from several of their botanical designs. Another outstanding feature of their handmade collection is the use of recycled metals and conflict free stones. 

Erin sums up her design esthetic very well:
“Claus(Jewelry) has turned out to be very much a reflection of myself. Quiet and understated, I’ve always been an introspective and sensitive person. You’ll likely find me at home curled up with a book, knitting a sweater, or spending one on one time with a friend.“

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