Some of you might remember the time when a dog ate my Viking knit leather and wire work bracelet?  I simply remade it with fresh leather and different beads as it was a jewelry making class sample (pre-Covid).

But a client of Jordan of Modern Goldsmith gave him her platinum engagement ring which had been badly chewed up by her dog.   The ring was completely out of shape and there were deep tooth gouges here and then. 

Watch him fix it including filling all the gouges with platinum solder.  A beautiful restoration job!

Jordan did not mention if the dog swallowed the rose quartz focal. If not, there is nothing for it except to wait for the said stone to make its way through the digestive tract! It won't hurt the dog and it won't hurt the owner to put some rubber gloves and investigate the poop!  A good and thorough clean should make it as good as new again. Would you go through such lengths for a special ring? I would.  

This dog is not the first and will not be the last to ingest gemstones.  I wrote about one dog who ate $10,000 worth of diamonds sometime ago. 

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