I've covered how to make rings from spoons, forks or knives before (see links below). But this video is a gem. The informative instructor is GoMeowCreations

He goes over how to test for the right kind of flatware to choose using a magnet and also a silver testing solution.  How thick the flatware is also comes into play. 

You often find good silver plated or even solid silver flatware in charity shops. No one wants these kinds of silverware to use these days as they take effort to maintain. (When you wear these as jewelry though, the constant wear keeps them shiny.)

Silver and silver plated flatware is easier to manipulate than stainless steel.  Thicker solid silver versions may need annealing (heating with a torch to soften the metal).  It is still possible to work with stainless steel but it takes a lot more effort so it is not recommended unless you are determined. 

He does go very quickly over the calculation for the circumference of the ring - the length of the flatware handle needed for a particular size ring, so I will notate here : 

Actual ring diameter = average thickness of handle + diameter of the ring size needed.
Circumference is actual ring diameter x  3.14 (π or pi)

Or if you vaguely remember math class, this is the same as  2πr - 2 x radius x 3.14

He also demonstrates how a ring bender is used and how to give the rings a light rainbow-like patina with liver of sulfur. 

The description of the video lists all the tools he uses. 

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