The lovely Yvonne Williams is an excellent Youtube instructor. I enjoy her wire wrapping tutorials. But she also teaches other techniques including chain mail. 

Her stretchy helm weave tutorial is an easy one.  It's a great gift for men if you are stuck for ideas. The stretch part comes from the use of rubber rings. You can also add a clasp for an all metal bracelet.

She shares many tips and tricks for both professional and amateur jewelry makers.  I like her tip on how she keeps her left hand grounded on her table to ensure all her movements stay in frame! Something some Youtubers easily forgot to do. It's difficult to demonstrate, talk and video all at the same time!

Two ring sizes are needed.  She used 18G 3/16 inch and 16G 5/16 inch rings (SWG - standard wire gauge). But you can also go smaller with 18G 5/32 inch and 18G 1/4 inch. It's actually a forgiving weave. I find that it works so long as the smaller ring fits inside the larger one. As you can see from the video, Yvonne accidentally bought slightly smaller rubber rings but her bracelet still works. I buy all my rings from The Ring Lord

Even if you do not do any chain mail, watching how she properly opens and closes a jump ring is useful. She does this many times! That satisfying click sound when you do it right! Watch this part where she demonstrates how she adjusts the proper closure of ring which has a slight gap. 

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