Sterling silver huggie earrings with faux pearls (above) by wimsico

Huggie earrings are my favorite type of earrings.  They are small hoop earrings which sit really close to the earlobes, hence their name. I like them because they are so comfortable to wear.  I usually sleep with a pair of sterling silver ones on. 

They aren't as fiddly to put on as studs as there are no backs. There is also less risk losing them unlike dangles. They are also incredibly stylish and trendy as you can see in the featured designs above and below. Both men and women wear them although the former generally opt for simpler styles.

There are different types of huggies, mostly hinged ones.  The hinge allows the wearer to put on the  small hoops easily.

Shown below are a couple of my gold huggies. They were gifts from my mother and were made by goldsmiths in South East Asia.  As you can see, they are hinged with soldered pins, 

The pin part is pushed through the ear hole and then the hoop is snapped shut. There should be a slight click. 

This pair of minimalist unisex 12 mm sterling silver huggies with an 18K gold plating shown below is from Twistedpendant. A simple, sleek design.  I like the 12 mm ones which is a reasonable fit for regularly placed ear holes. There is a caveat - the size will also depend on how large one's ear lobes are. Also important to know is whether the measurement given is the inner or outer diameter. Especially if you want a good fit.

Here is a demo by Maria Tash on how to put on and take off huggie earrings.

You can also get levered huggies. These are my sterling silver ones which I bought decades ago. The earrings are not as streamlined as the popular huggies trending lately.

There are also continuous or endless hoops. There are no hinges so they have to be carefully opened sideways like jump rings for insertion.  Shown here are gold filled endless ones from BarlowJewels

How are hinged huggies made?  Here is a speeded up demo/lesson preview by Jewellery Training Solutions. 

Not into making them?  Me, neither. 

Here is a selection of my favorite huggie earrings :

wimsico, whose pearl huggies (at top) wowed me, also offers heart huggies.

These silver leaf huggies are lovely from minimoonjewelry.

These pebble circle huggies are classy!  They are by SilverRainSilver -  this Glasgow team has an amazing selection.

...and these daisy chain huggies!

Sporting more than 1 ear piercing?   The triple stack is popular.  Rather than a similar style, this gold set from elevado, looks stunning.  

This combination set of huggies with climbers from EveonJewelry, is lovely. 

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