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Quick Push Pin Bead and Sequin Christmas Ornament Balls Tutorials

I love Christmas ball ornaments but I have yet to find the time to bead any!  So I looked for quicker ways. The Japanese kimekomi cut and tuck fabric method on polystyrene balls is a beautiful one - see this designer who has lovely tutorials

The push pin, bead and sequin method of decorating simple polystyrene or satin balls is definitely up my street! Maybe yours too?

Shown above is Penolopy Bulnick's Sequin Ornaments tutorial on Instructables. She has great tips on how to plan your designs. This fun one is also her creation :

Got some sad looking satin balls?  Revitalize them with push pins, beads and sequins!  Satin balls have an advantage in that the colored background means less beads and sequins are needed. 

Krista Robertson of Covering Bases has a great tutorial to get you started. Shown here is one of her many suggestions :

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  1. This brings back memories of making Christmas balls with my mother. In 2000 we made Christmas balls for every one of our staff. We spent hours and hours creating these visions and I hate to say that they were NOT appreciated. They were staff and wanted money. Maybe as years go by and if they kept them they might realize the amount of work and love that went into making them. Mom and I appreciated our staff and we tried to personalize each creation. I still have mine - I cherish it as it reminds me of that time with my mother but also now I know just how talented we were with our designs.

  2. That's so sad that some people just don't appreciate handmade!


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