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Asymmetrical and Whimsical Earrings by byYeeSo

It is not what you use but HOW you use it which counts. Texas based designer, Yee Soo of byYeeSoo  
demonstrates this in spades with her eclectic collection of whimsical earrings.  She is so good at putting together disparate components, she confidently comes up with asymmetrical designs too. 

She organizes her collections by themes. Some of my favorites are her Oriental, floral and fun sections. Her jellyfish earrings are wonderful!

Her designs are fun and sure to please those who like something different and whimsical. 

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  1. These are absolutely delightful! I wear the same hoops that belonged to my mother on one ear and load up the opposite ear with different styles of earrings. With an asymmetrical haircut I really like the look.
    I'm off to browse her store. Her work is awesome!

  2. Oh my, those jellyfish! 😍

  3. I am in love with her asymmetrical earrings!


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