It's been 3 years since the first quarantining began for the Covid, followed by lockdowns in many parts of the world.  The fear of being stuck at home without supplies prompted many to start stockpiling. One of the more unexpected items - other than food - that people bought in large numbers was toilet paper. (Note, this was not a uniform occurrence across the world as water bidets and other materials are used elsewhere).

There are probably a number of reasons why toilet paper was so coveted in the early days of the pandemic. We can but look back and laugh a little.

Some beadwork designers were quick to put out some fun beadwork tutorials reflecting this phenomenon. They still do make for great gag gifts. 

The beaded toilet paper roll earrings tutorial shown above is by Ukrainian designer, Nina Igorivna of Ninola. You can also purchase completed earrings from her if you do not bead.

West Virginian Moon of Moontique went several steps further and created a pandemic inspired beaded necklace tutorial  containing a set of sanitizer, mask and toilet paper charms!

A Brief History of Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is something we take for granted. Yet, it wasn't very long ago that toilet paper even existed. Here to give us a fascinating brief history of toilet paper (13 min) is The History Guy who firmly believes, as I do, that history is NOT boring.  

One of the quirkiest part is the once very important post in the Royal Court called the Groom of the Stool. A male nobleman assisted the English monarch when he had to go to the bathroom which was a padded chair or stool. The role was highly coveted as this was the only time a nobleman could be with the King in private. The direct access could change the fortunes of the Groom as he could ask for Royal favors. 

Another trivia is the origin of the old UK slang word bumf or sometimes bumph which means junk mail or other unwanted paper. It is short for bum -fodder because such unwanted paper was only fit as toilet paper.

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