I am a fan of huggie earrings which are really just small hoops which, well, hug the ear lobes.  It's a popular style as you might remember from my past post, Awesome Trendy Huggie Earrings Styles. They are so comfortable to wear which is why some of these hoops are called sleepers - you can sleep with them on without them coming off easily or poking you as stud posts would. 

That feature also included a demo on how a metalsmith makes huggies.  Many of us are not quite up to that but you can purchase these small hoops and dress them up. In the process, you will get convertible or interchangeable huggies!

The basic components you can use for this easiest of DIYs are available in 3 hinged or latched styles. The simplest ones shown on the left below, have no catches or loops. They come in different sizes and metal colors.  Here are some gold plated stainless steel examples

The latched kind such as these are actually also comfortable to wear - I have a pair which I wear a lot of the time including when I sleep. The ones with openable loops will allow you to add charms. Just make sure the loops are in the same plane as the hoops themselves as most charms will require that orientation.

It is so easy to customize these huggies.  Simply open them and slide on a charm. The loops of the charms have to be large enough to slide them on. 

The charms shown above are TierraCast's awesome double-sided sun and moon ones - available from different vendors such as SterlingWholesale

No charms with large loops?  No problem. Just make wrapped loop charms of your own and viola!

You can also add charms with very small holes by using the huggies with loops.  The latter open up. You can change out the charms of these looped huggies but doing it too many times might stress the loops and these might break off if you are not careful. 

All the small charms shown below are from TierraCast - so many awesome designs to choose from!

I am also fond of teaming up gold huggies with geometric brass charms

A few years I ago, I wrote about the Duchess of Cambridge's favorite hoop earrings which are by British designer, Annoushka . As you can see, it is a combination of the designer's 18K gold and diamond hoop with baroque pearl dangles. Small hoops and dangles are fantastic combinations!

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