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Modified RAW Beaded Jewelry Tutorials

Peyote stitch may be the most popular beading stitch but I am guessing right angle weave (RAW) is also right up there.  So it is not surprising to see beaders modifying it to make a "new" stitch. 

Sometimes beaders need more than one tutorial or a different format to understand how a stitch is formed. So thanks to Jill Wiseman, we have two basic demonstrations for the mRAW especially for those who need some clarification.  This is on her Youtube channel.  Also check out her website link (above) for tutorials etc including free patterns. 

The first one is for flat mRAW

The physical book Jill mentions in her videos is no longer available. But you can hop over to the website, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork for more inspiration - there are free tutorials as well as the books (Vol 1 and 2)  in downloadable PDF format.  This site is an open source architectural beadwork project from Kate McKinnon and a worldwide team of innovators.

The second tutorial is on making mRAW in the round. Using this is a good way to start tubular peyote.

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  1. RAW is probably my favorite stitch, it's just very intuitive for me and easy for me to make it look nice. I like the various 3D versions as well. Oddly it is one I didn't pick up when I started beading in the 1990s but only maybe 5 or 6 years ago after a long hiatus.

    1. That was the same situation with knitting with stranded colors. I avoided it for years, but did everything else before trying and loving it!

  2. You know I try to be positive, but my experience with the Kate McKinon Books is not great. I do have the first volume, pre-ordered and paid for the 2nd. Waited almost 2 years for them to publish it. Finally canceled the order. I've tried many of the things that they showed in the book, and while they are interesting, I didn't enjoy the process or find anything that was more than just a novelty.

    1. I understand - the contemporary style beadwork is not for everyone.

  3. Leave it to Jill Wiseman to make sense out of my confusion. I made her starter strip (which is now a permanent part of my tools) and the extra thread to start my peyote. But the MRAW start seems to be an even easier way to work peyote.


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