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Tiny Resin Diorama Keycaps for Keyboards and Other Resin Art by Hirosart

I first stumbled on Hirosart when I came across their real dandelion clock resin lamp and featured it for this past post.  They are a group of Vietnamese resin artists who make delightful and tiny resin diorama keycaps for computer keyboards as well as wrist rests and lamps. They also empower disabled resin artists by letting them contribute to their brand. 

It was the pandemic which sparked their unique keycap designs.  So many were forced to work from home and for some, a loss of morale being socially separated. Why not have something on keyboards to cheer one up? You can replace a regular key or the spacebar as you wish. 

They do have real flower resin key but the dioramas are amazing. The koi fish and ocean related designs are lovely. Some imaginative work include the Earth after 3000 years one where an astronaut is collecting something with a fallen statue head in the background : 

Many of their inspirations came from anime, pokemon and games such as Animal Crossing. Such fun! 

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See more of their work:

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  1. Those key covers are really imaginative. My only concern is that I have enough trouble typing while I look at the keyboard that I can't even begin to imagine what I would come out if I can't see the letter on the key. I can see several that would be obvious and I suppose it would inspire me to learn how to type by touch.

    1. Yes, I think just the most common key like Control will be the most logical. I highly recommend you learn to touch type. I learned decades ago and find it very useful as I can type also type at speed and watch the screen, rather than the keyboard, to better catch errors.

  2. Love it!! So unique!

  3. well, another resin mold to add to my to-buy list. these are adorable!


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