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Peyote, Loom and Huichol Inspired Loom Patterns by Vixenscraft

I first came across Polish designer's Jola's work when I found and featured her wonderful multi-colored house beaded bracelet for this rainbow feature. But as you can see from Vixenscraft, that is just one of many wonderful bracelet designs she has created.

She also provides designs for several types of beaded bracelets from loom work to peyote and netting. The latter category is filled with Huichol inspired designs.

Also helpful is how she separates her design categories - she has Miyuki Delica designs for either peyote or loom work.  The Toho round bead designs can be found under odd and even peyote categories as well as loom. 

She has many geometric designs in different color palettes.  I also like her houndstooth design offering. Something for everyone!

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  1. I love the look of peyote cuffs but lately I do not have the patience to actually complete them (even though my wrist is only 5.25 inches so I can spend less time making them than people who have larger wrists). But I favorited her shop for later.

  2. Jola's work is really unique. I agree with Sneaky Burrito (above) but wonder if they have thought of using the loom or 2 drop peyote patterns which seems to go that much faster.

  3. there's something meditative about peyote, the repetition maybe, the satisfaction of watching a piece grow and the pattern develop. she has lovely designs, ones which make me study them, not just glance and move on.


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