Some beadwork designers like UK based Rose of RosePatterns1010 are wonderfully versatile. They are able to create different types of beadwork. I love her daisy weave collection - one of which I featured in a past rainbow themed post

But also noteworthy is her puff collection. The puffy style results in 3D designs.  Rose says she is a science geek and loves to use her technical drawing skills as a basis for creating.

She has a couple of donut puffs which can be used as ornaments as well as keychain charms. The rest are a clever series of puff elements on bracelets.  There are patriotic hearts for the US and Canada. She also has Texas, Union Jack, Nordic hearts as well as a saltire (St Andrew's Cross) designs. I missed her rainbow heart one for that past feature - it is an excellent Pride heart design. 

The watermelon and ladybird ones are also adorable. It's never too early to make the Christmas ones ahead of time!

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