UK based designer, Sveta often has fresh ideas!  Hence the name of her Youtube channel, Fresh Idea. I really like this particular set of resin inspirations because she sparks our own creativity. 

There are some great tips. You can bend resin pieces after about 6 hours curing without leaving fingerprints but I have not seen the hot water trick before for cured resin. Some people also use a heat gun. 

I've often added a blue background to my real flower resin jewelry but Sveta has shown with her earrings (top left) that you could go with a strong contrast color like red to make plain green leaves and cream flowers pop!

Also notice how she cuts the globe mold in order to be able to insert a whole dried flower and remove a ball-like resin cure.  It's the only way to work with these kinds of molds. I had a similar issue with the long crystal real lavender flower mold for this past tutorial. There is no issue of resin linkage as the silicon mold will temporarily seal the cut edges together if you apply a rubber band around the mold for the curing process. 

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