The AHEDProject stands for Affordable High End Design Project is based in San Francisco. They curate unique collections of artisanal designs from around the world. 

One such designer in the AHEDProject lineup is YSoo. This design team's creations of pixelated cartoon-like animal jewelry caught my attention not just for the unique whimsical look but for the less common material used - lightweight artisanal concrete.

This design team is based in Changsha City, China.  
The designers are graduates of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Their original inspiration for the cartoon animal series came from their beloved studio pets (a cat and a dog). They have studied and experimented extensively with all sorts of mixed media/materials to create and mold their cute and unique 3D jewelry and finally settled with artisan concrete as it's super versatile, light, and durable.
They are clearly inspired by a variety of animals but their fox designs are popular.  It's not hard to love all of their unusual designs.

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