Fan shaped earrings are always popular as they look good. This fan earrings tutorial, shown above, is different because the fan part flares out from behind the ear lobe! The bead artist is Assza of AsszaBeadingArts.  I've featured this amazing designer instructor before

Also by Assza is this beaded version of metal hoop earrings

Beaded metal rings are often fairly open designs. But this beaded circle flower shows tight beading and the rings are not visible.  Clever. This tutorial is by EztersaJewelry. She is another excellent designer whose work I have featured before

The beading world also has huggie earrings like this tutorial also by Ezartesa. I love how the design cups around the earlobe. 

Don't you just love the colors in this design tutorial by Karen Huxley of DragonflyDesignsUK ?  No wonder she called it Tequila Sunrise! I like how the seed bead sizes changes. 

Kathy of Kathy King Jewelry Shop has taken beaded beads and made them into a cool spinning top design

Bugle beads feature in square beaded designs but this tutorial is unusual because it is a composite of a number of squares! I count 9 in all!  The designer is Adina of AdivaJewels.  I have also featured her work before

This gorgeous earrings design reminds me of lanterns.  The clever designer is Tetyana of BlackLilyBeadwork.

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