The allure of diamond rings is still strong especially for engagement and eternity rings because they are luxurious and lovely. They can also cost a pretty penny depending on the diamond quality. However, you can get the same look and at much more affordable prices if you choose a good diamond substitute like cubic zirconia (CZ) - not to be confused with the natural gemstone, zircon which is a totally different material.

Cubic zirconia is a durable man made substance. This cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) is what gives it the diamond look. They can be colored but are most often offered as clear and can be cut into any shape.

Colorado based Olivia Starling of Starlette Galleria (also on Etsy) offers luxurious yet affordable cubic zirconia rings and other jewelry. They are made with sterling silver and plated with either rhodium or gold.  You can really go big with the CZ without breaking the bank as there are stones up to 5 carats! Starlette Galleria also offers different cuts. My personal favorites are the emerald cut rings!

Olivia specializes in engagement and eternity rings but some of her other novelty designs, like the snowflake and delicate ivy rings, are notable. 

 She explained some of the reasons why someone would want a simulated diamond ring - and not just for the low cost :

Perfect for travel, pregnancy, saving money on an engagement ring, conserving your real diamond, and changing your look.

I also like what she says on her Instagram - "Forever doesn't have to cost a fortune"! 

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