I have written about beaded boxes and polymer clay jewelry dishes before (see links below), but I've not come across a good polymer clay box tutorial not until I came across those by UK based Fiona Abel-Smith on her Youtube channel

She is an amazing polymer clay artist and instructor. I have featured her tutorials on both Youtube and on her Etsy, PolyOriginals, before.

The creation of the gorgeous filigree adorned boxes shown above are detailed in this Youtube tutorial.  She was inspired by pottery forms called slump moldsShe also shows you can get inexpensive ceramic dishes to use too (check the dollar store!) which is what she uses for the tutorial.  These come in various shapes and sizes. She is clever to use the same mold for the top and bottom of the box! 

Making the filigree is tricky but as Fiona says, you can make this as easy or as challenging as you want. I take it she means to not do the filigree if you are not interested!

She was inspired by a simple hexagonal metal cookie cutter and went on to demonstrate how to make your own hexagonal form suitable for this tutorial :

This tiered box tutorial is a great idea - you can make as many tiers as you want!

She uses heart shaped metal cookie cutters for the form as well as heart silicone molds in this tutorial :

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