Isis (above)

Ece of therebeljewelry is an Istanbul based metalsmith who does exceptional high quality work. Her meticulous technique enables her to make beautiful mixed precious metal pendant designs. This gives her creations a color pop which is all the more striking when she underlays with a gemstone. 

She does different kinds of designs but I was particularly taken with those inspired from Ancient Egypt, Greek and Norse mythology. 

She explained why a number of her designs feature lapis lazuli : 
 Lapis Lazuli was a favored stone in ancient Egypt, where it was believed to lead the soul into immortality and open the heart to love. The royal stone, it was said to contain the soul of the gods.
Labradorite is also a striking choice as you can see from her Eye of Ra design below. 

Just exquisite workmanship.

Eye of Ra


Odin's Spear

Poseidon's Trident

Ravens of Odin

Thor's Hammer

Tree of Life

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