Supporting Ukrainian Artisans

I featured many stained glass artisans before (see links below) but the work of Ivan and his family for GlassArtStories is especially wonderful because they put a lot of details in their designs. 

I have selected my favorites from their many collections. One of their most popular categories is their bird suncatcher one. Kingfishers, hummingbirds, little chickadees and so on, all displaying their attention for detail.  The fluidity of some of their designs is shown by how they compose their stained glass art such as the hummingbird and flower one below. Pairs of cardinals are even offered in different poses. 

Pet lovers can also have their animals immortalized as stained glass panels or suncatchers. They also have many small nature inspired stained glass brooches.  

How Medieval Stained Glass was Made

It's wonderful that there are modern stained glass artisans such as GlassArtStories still practicing this thousand year old art and craft today. We are lucky to see so many surviving old designs in medieval churches and cathedrals.

But the way stained glass is generally created today differs from how it was done by old masters centuries ago.

Watch this Victoria & Albert Museum video showing the actual techniques used long ago. The video also explained why we call it stained glass.  

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