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Dainty Stained Glass Jewelry by RosavaGlassStore

RosavaGlassStore is a Ukranian craft collective of very talented stained glass artisans.  Their styles differ but their work shows how well they can created dainty stained glass jewelry. 

Most of what they make are brooches with some pendants and earrings.  I particularly love the adorable animals and little girl and angel pieces. 

One of the artisans also makes real butterfly wing pendants - the wings are encased between two glass pieces. Another makes incredible sculptured insects.  My favorite insect design was the red stag beetle one. 

They have many designs. Perhaps something for everyone?

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  1. Oh my! Their bird sculpures are to caw home about! Wowza!

    Love their work. There are so many pieces that I liked....

  2. who knew bugs could be so cute!
    I love the whimsy of these designs.


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