Did you remember this recent post, A Dazzling Vintage Coral and Bead Embroidered Dress | Vintage Coral Jewelry?  It was about the heavily beaded 1960's Yves Saint Laurent dress in the Victoria and Albert Museum of Design in London. 

I asked readers this question :  "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the atelier (studio) of a top haute couture house? It must be hard work but also something wonderful to be doing something you love, at the highest skill level."

Only one reader answered the question. Long time reader and beader, Wayne Wiley said : 
To answer your question- no. I hand beaded my wife's dress for our daughter's wedding. Lovely dress and a labor of love, but definitely not something I would ever want to do again!
Cindy, his wife, who comes from a long line of seamstresses made the dress. What a lovely dress! You can see from the detailed photos that the lace jacket, which buttoned at the back, has beaded highlights around the floral elements along the bottom. 

This was in the 1990's. It was when Wayne, who was extensively quilting with his wife, started on his beading journey.  I can see why he wasn't that keen because it is time consuming and probably not challenging enough for him!

Many thanks Wayne for letting me sharing these awesome pictures with everyone! Who knows, it might inspire someone else to try beaded lace dresses!

Bead tracing around lace elements isn't the only way to add beads to garments. If you are interested in adorning dresses etc with seed beads,  I highly recommend you get this book, Bead Embroidery  Stitch Samples by Yasuko Endo. It is a wonderful inspirational as well as instructional book. The tiny beads add dimension and color to embroidery stitches. 

Click here to see inside and my full review on this book. (The giveaway is long over). 

Also by the same author is Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples - Motifs.

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