Mineral Beads and Jewelry Workshops Online is the channel a Panama City based supply shop of the same name. They have a marvelous idea for kumihimo fans wanting to do something a little different with their discs.  

This tutorial of theirs (click on this link to be taken to Youtube) shows how to make a wire kumihimo cage with wire spiral bead caps. The rondelle crystals are strung on wire and added inside the wire cage.

The tutorial is clear without having to know any Spanish. You do have to have reasonably thick wire, 18G for the wire spiral caps and 24G for the cage.  You could also experiment with different gauges if you wish. 

I would personally roll the whole bracelet with the caged beads already in, to and fro on a flat surface before finishing with the wire ends. This will reduce the size of the wire cage to fit the strung beads. Doing this will work harden the wire cage and make its shape more durable. You may have to remove the excess wire lengths at the end.

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