Want a little pizzazz for a special occasion?  These 3 glamorous bead and wire stud earrings tutorials might just be the thing for you. The talented and creative designer is from the Panama City based supply shop, MineralandBeads

Please click on the tutorial link to be taken to their Youtube channel to see how each is made. The tutorials are in Spanish but you can easily follow along. The supplies are listing in each video description. A noteworthy channel to follow for great ideas.

First up is the beautiful wire coil created design shown above. Their wire coil tutorial requires a wire coiler of some kind. My favorites are Beadsmith's Twist n Curl as well as Artistic Wire's Coiling Gizmo.  Both are inexpensive. Don't worry if you do not have a wire coiler. I have used and taught others to use knitting needles - see this tutorial here. The best part about using knitting needles is you have an instant way of knowing the size of your coils - or jump rings if you are making those.

Some good tips can be seen in this video. The instructor does not stretch the entire coil. She leaves the ends coiled. And the small but rapid stretching movements likely keeps the stretching even. 

The cleverest tip is how the stud part is created with a central crystal.  You do have to file the post end to make sure it is is deburred. Also work harden the post so it doesn't bend easily.  The use of ready made hoop earrings for the dangle makes sense as it is a firm base and without a gap which could let a wire slip through. 

The next tutoria (below) features wire loops. The star tool is the 3 step bailing pliers - there are all kinds of brands.  Do not attempt to do this with just knitting needles. You need the gripping action of pliers. I like how the stud part is daintier than the tutorial before.

The third wire wrapped tutorial is also lovely. Contrasting colors and a touch of wire coiling makes this design pop. The stud finding here is ready made but you could also use other styles. 

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