There is something about color-shifting jewelry many of us like.  Think about the changing hues of gemstones like labradorite. Another gorgeous one is Alexandrite - this one is green in daylight but turns mauve under artificial light.  See my past feature on Alexandrite and the Last of the Romanovs.

Many polymer clay jewelry designers have also created color shifts in their work - see links below. But you can also achieve the same effect for epoxy resin work!

I really like Little Window's tutorial on how to make color shift bangles. Fran gives so many inspirational ideas using the dichroish film. She layers them with printed text and other images for one of a kind designs. I didn't even think you could emboss the film for a cool effect!

Fran printed the text onto clear photo film which works well with inkjet printers - it gives high resolution AND good adhesion if you also want to play with alcohol inks on them. Don't be tempted to use shrink plastic or clear recycled plastic containers - these sheets are too smooth and all you will get is one smeary mess with alcohol inks. Been there. Done that. 

You could try using the rough side of inkjet overhead transparency films. This rough side will help the alcohol inks stick. But this rough side is not clear so the results may not be as vibrant as the photo film. 

The full list of what she uses is listed is in her blog post.  You can get a discount of 15% if you use this code BG1516 at checkout. 

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