Working with wire allows you to capture small gemstones or crystals even if you cannot make metal bezels.  Check out these relatively easy tutorials.  I say "relatively easy" because it is easy for the designers who have been handling wire a lot!  So it will take time to get those loop style prongs tiny and close enough!

First up is the excellent Vietnamese instructor Lan Anh Handmade - her tutorial is for rings. It's important make the bottom of the ring band really smooth because its where she connects the wire ends.

The second tutorial set for earrings and pendant is by Melissa of Zurick Designs Jewelry and Art on Youtube. Like the tutorial above, you do need some thinner wire at 28G to do some binding as you will not be soldering. The prongs are made to fit the edges of the gemstone and they all form a sort of basket where it sits.

Melissa is also on Etsy

Depending on the gemstones, some of the specimens out there aren't that expensive. But you can always practice on crystals such as these gorgeous rose pointed back Primero Round Stones (made in Austria!!!!) which come in different colors and sizes. These are available from Crystalidea. Besides their Primero collection, their Preciosa and Aurea offerings are worth a look too. Such gorgeous colors!

Hunt for some great gemstones to suit your budget! One of my favorite places to find affordable gemstones is Canadian Creek - I have featured them twice before.  Shown below are their loose tourmaline collection in pinks and browns. Around $10 each. 

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