There is something about koi fish, a kind of carp, which appeals to many. Perhaps its their distinctive but highly variable markings. Or the way they just slowly swim along. I find it very calming to just watch them! 

Designers are also inspired by this fish as you can see from these lovely koi fish earrings design tutorials. But where they differ is their individual and unique interpretations. Each of these talented bead artists chose to depict the koi in so many ways - either singularly on each earring or together, in different shapes and even asymmetrically!

First up is the brick stitch earrings design, shown above, by Ukrainian beader, Larysa of SonyaMishaShop. Her neutral background certainly helps the colorful fish pop!

Larysa also designed this yin and yang version, using just the fish shape but the colors which sometimes appear on koi fish. 

Using rich colors is what makes the koi fish earrings pattern by TaurielDesignPattern different.  

German bead artist of DoellePatterns has a beautiful twist to the koi fish bead earrings in that her design is not typical of the fringe earrings style

Polina of CrazyAcademy is a bead jewelry designer whose beautiful necklaces and kits were featured before here. Her beaded koi fish fringe earrings tutorial design has design elements which remind me of pond ripples!

Oksana is another Ukrainian bead artist who has a vibrantly colored koi fish earrings pattern and tutorial. Her shop is JewelryMagicHands

Jayne in Hawaii (BeadCrumbs)  has an adorable asymmetrical koi fish  tutorial which can be used as earrings or as charms in any decorative item such as key chains. You could use the same design twice if you prefer not to have asymmetrical earrings. 

How the World's Most Expensive Fish are Bred

The Japanese are the most enthusiastic fans of the koi. The best breeders can be found in that country. Watch this video on how the fish are carefully bred and taken care of. A lot of technical expertise and effort is required. The extreme pampering is essential in order to grow the fish over the first two years of life. Some of the fish can grow up to a metre in length!! And the very best have been known sell for about $2 million!! But fans of this fish are definitely not limited to the wealthy. 

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