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An anonymous commentator who pronounced the Face Distorting Jewelry by Burcu Buyukunal as "meaningless drivel" completely missed the point I try to make when I  feature avant-garde jewelry designers. These artisans are at the forefront of innovative jewelry making. Their unusual designs do indeed push the boundaries of what is considered normal.

Sure, some of the jewelry will never become mainstream but then, innovation is also about failing sometimes. If you don't try to fly, then how would you soar? One artisan who did is Alissia Melka-Teichroew.

If the first blush of youth is long past, and the specter of hip replacement surgery looms ahead, then you will appreciate her  Jointed Jewels Collection. This osteologically inspired jewelry series is based on the ball and socket joint used in industry and as surgical replacements.

Instead of constructing her jewelry as separate jointed pieces, they are produced as a whole. She used a technique called selective laser sintering to make a ball inside a ball.  Her innovative concept thus transforms a mundane industrial connector into adornment.  I must add that some of her designs like the one above reminds me of molecular models used by chemists which are simple ball and joint affairs.

The now Brooklyn based artisan was born and raised in The Netherlands, the product of a French mother and an American father. Known for her New-World-Old World mash-up designs, her quirky products have been sold worldwide.

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  1. I totally agree with you, Pearl! I, for one, LOVE the "way out" jewelry, because it means people are experimenting and finding their own voice. No civilization advanced without people who were willing to think outside the box, go their own way, and not worry about convention. "meaningless drivel" is entitled to their opinion, but they are, indeed, missing the point.

  2. I enjoy it when you show interesting, unique, strange, unusual or just plain weird pieces. :0)
    It is always enjoyable to see what unique designs are out there. It would be a rather boring world if we all produced the same things...we need people like Alissia to challenge our creativity. I may not always love the jewelry itself but I love the mind that created the piece and always show respect for their artistic creativity!!!

    Everyone is entitled to their thoughts...but...yes your anonymous commenter missed the point!

  3. Fashion designers are famous for their cutting edge creations. Though their designs may raise eyebrows as long-legged, pencil thin models parade them down Parisian run-ways, the truth is they are the beginnings. It is fuel that propels the next wave of avant-garde fashion and the following clothing lines that will grace the racks of our favorite department stores. Without these creative, push-beyond-the-envelope artists, we would probably still be wearing huge hoop skirted dresses and elaborate powdered wigs. So drivel? No, not at all !

  4. I agree with all the previous, well-said comments. Although I probably wouldn't wear some of the more "out there" pieces, I like to read about them. I probably couldn't afford most of them anyway!! LOL.

  5. I liken it to fashion shows where all those way-out fashions are trotted out. People WILL wear toned down versions. But I am a little afraid of the escaping breasts in those pics above than the wild jewelry.


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