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Wire Woven Pendant Tutorial for Wire Weaving Beginners

Wire weaving can be mesmerizing to do.  You get into a certain rhythm and just keep going. If you are a late beginner,  Kelly Jones has a relatively easy wire wrapped pendant tutorial.

She demonstrates the wire weaving technique as well as simple wire swirls which add interest to her design.

Kelly uses 20 G and 28 G. I personally prefer to use 26 G wire for weaving. It is a little thicker and thus more visible.

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  1. I found Kelly Jones YouTube channel just recently and want to make so many of her items! She is a good instructor, too. I have been afraid to make wire woven rings but one of her tutorials may help me to overcome my fears :)

    1. I didn't know this was on here but wow, thank you. I'm Kelly from the tutorial 3 bead pendant above. Thanks for your support and to who shared my video on here. Really pleased to have found this 👍 thank you above for your lovely comment x

    2. Thank YOU, Kelly for sharing all your knowledge for the benefit of others!


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