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Gorgeous Leather and Crystal Cup Chain Bracelet Tutorials

Leather wrapped bracelets are SO popular! They are usually constructed by wrapping beads between two foundation cords.  Kellie of Kellie's Bead Boutique in British Columbia, Canada has a wonderful alternative.

Her tutorial for a "Diamonds in the Rough" bracelet uses a  flat leather piece as the base. She uses 3 mm double sided tape to secure the length of crystal cup chain on the leather. She then uses macrame to secure the cup chain and other beads to the flat leather!  Neat!

Her Urban Bling bracelet tutorial is just as lovely. It is not as wide as the foundation is leather cord.

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  1. Inspirational! Now I've got more ideas packed into my noggin!

    1. Now you need more time to make more bracelets!

  2. Those are cool! via email


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